Business Written

IAT Reinsurance is a quoting market for all treaty classes of property and casualty lines. With an inforce portfolio in excess of $500 million, we support proportional and non-proportional reinsurance for domestic and international clients. The majority of our business structures are working layers. Recent successes have included:
  • Start-ups, new line of business, new territories, un-rated companies, turn-around situations
  • Companies experiencing pressure on surplus due to premium growth and/or needing balance sheet reinsurance products
  • Niche and specialty products, MGA and Alternative Risk placements that require a reinsurer take time to understand the buyer and opportunity
  • Special situations requiring thorough analysis (example: loss portfolio transfers)

IAT Reinsurance will also selectively support other reinsurers that seek a partner to enhance their capacity for specific segments or situations.

  • All business opportunities will receive immediate attention and quick response; intermediaries and their clients will always know the status of their proposals.
  • Flexible business mix, well positioned to manage through P&C cycle